Sapa AS

Ung-Seok Kim
I recommend Trezone Dealing to corporations having business units with FX exposure.
Ung-Seok Kim
Corporate Treasury Front-Office Director at Sapa AS

Sapa ( is the world leader in aluminium solutions with 23.500 employees in 40 different countries. The group has been using Trezone Dealing module since 2007, to execute intra-group FX as well as Loans/Deposits. Sapa effortlessly names three key benefits of Trezone for them particularly:

  • Ease of use: The solution is easy to understand and so user friendly that it truly supports the process.
  • Easy to expand: As a SaaS solution Trezone does not need any system installations and is fast to deploy to new business units. Thanks to the ease-of-use, the newly introduced users are up and running without any delay.
  • STP with TMS: Sapa values the ability to integrate Trezone Dealing with their core Treasury management system (TMS), where they can follow the actual positions in real time without having to re-key data.

With years of experience using Trezone, I can recommend it to any international group having multiple subs with Foreign currency exposures and/or need for internal loans and deposits", says Sapa Corporate Treasury Front-Office Director, Ung-Seok Kim.