Mikko Hepokari
Our subsidiaries can now find their updated treasury reports immediately on-line in the Reports module.
Mikko Hepokari
Dealer at Ahlstrom

Established in 1851, Ahlstrom provides innovative fiber-based materials with a function in everyday life. With over 3000 employees in 22 countries, Ahlstrom’s materials are used in everyday applications such as filters, medical fabrics, life science and diagnostics, wallcoverings and food packaging.

Ahlstrom's treasury department sends different types of (treasury) reports on a regular basis to its subsidiaries in order for them to stay up to date on their open positions and financial transactions. These reports used to be manually sent to subsidiaries’ representatives via email. This was challenging and time consuming, especially when the subsidiary personnel changed and the reports were not always sent to the right people. Also temporary staff changes, for example during holiday seasons, were not always informed to the treasury.

In the beginning of 2013 Ahlstrom started to use Trezone Reports module to facilitate the distribution of their subsidiary reports. The material is immediately available to the relevant users on-line when needed, and it also serves as an archive for retrieving previous material. With the help of the Reports module, the delivery of the reports has grown easier for treasury, and the subsidiary representatives no longer need to scan through their mailboxes to find them.