Treasury Platform for Banks and Solution providers

Launch your corporate solution onto the market in a few weeks

Trezone platform gives you a way to provide Trezone solutions to your customers with minimal time to market. You can select from three alternative models for cooperation.

Your benefits

All Trezone modules available

A cash forecasting solution for companies of all sizes. Shows you how much liquidity you have now and in the future, and which currency-based flows you would need to hedge.
Intra-company e-dealing solution for companies that have business units with FX and MM dealing needs. Allows you to request, handle and store your internal FX and MM deals in one place.
Centralizes the application, handling, reporting as well as the storage of all your bank and corporate guarantees. Especially suitable for large companies with many business units and/or guarantees.
Reduce the number of internal payments drastically! Trezone Netting module is practical for companies with large numbers of internal payments.
No more manual sending of reports from treasury to subsidiaries! Trezone Reports module allows subs to access their current and archived treasury reports on-line.

Cooperation models

Trezone <span>sales cooperation</span>

Trezone sales cooperation

You tell your customers about Trezone features and we do the rest.

Key features:

  • Free of charge for you
  • Based on finder’s fee
  • Trezone branding
  • Contract between the end customer and Exidio
Trezone as <span>a Service</span>

Trezone as a Service

You have a branded Trezone that you sell to your customers. We provide the hosting and support for your customers.

Key features:

  • Project fee for branding work and key integrations
  • Based on revenue sharing
  • Contract between you and the end customer
Trezone <span>platform license</span>

Trezone platform license

You have a branded Trezone that you sell to your customers and you provide the hosting and support for the customers. We provide you the maintenance and 2nd level support.

Key features:

  • Licence fee
  • Annual maintenance fee
  • Project fee for integration work

Trezone platform partners include