Trezone Support

Access to support

Trezone support is available to authorized users of the Service whose name and e-mail address have been provided to Trezone support in advance by the individual who is registered as the contact person for the Account. Support inquiries from unauthorized users will be returned with a request for a contact by an authorized user.

Availability of support

Trezone support is generally available Mon-Fri excluding Finnish national holidays. The contact information and hours of service will be provided to you at the time of activating the production account.

Contacting support by email

The preferred method of contacting Trezone support is by e-mail. When sending an e-mail to us reporting an issue, we advise you to include at least the following information:

  • Description of the issue
  • URL of the page that you refer to
  • Login name of user
  • Screenshots to illustrate how the issue can be reproduced
  • Logs (when available)