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If you try to acquire a cloud-based solution the same way you bought software licenses or you required customized services, you can guarantee you end up paying too much for the solution. In this blog entry I will list three typical mistakes that lead you into paying too much for your software.
Buying software can be like starting a relationship. You may have been disappointed in the past and want to make sure it works this time. Therefore, you want to get to know each other and split up without any drama should it not work. Buying software using the traditional licensing model, however, is a long-term commitment which you may not be ready for quite yet. A cloud-based solution is much more flexible but you should still cover your bases and make sure of a few things.
Various myths have formed around cash forecasting over the years that can delay or degrade its development. What is common to these myths is that they can be expensive to your company even they are easy to bust. In this entry, I will describe five such myths.
Some banks that have for some time offered a cash forecasting solution to their clients have been disappointment in the meagre demand. The most common cause for this is selling the solution wrong and to the wrong buyers. Banks should specifically target medium-sized and small businesses and take a page or two from the playbook...
A bank can reap significant benefits by offering a cash forecasting solution to customers. Many a bank, however, do not consider themselves a software developer and do not know enough about corporate cash forecasting to credibly offer such a solution. While this may be true, it does not mean the bank has to give up the benefit of solving their customers’ cash forecasting challenge. In this blog entry I will describe how that can be achieved.
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Timo Hämäläinen
My name is Timo Hämäläinen and I am the CEO of Exidio Ltd. I have worked with the challenges of cash forecasting for the past 25+ years.